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Yoga Pants And Yoga

Are you new to yoga? Or a long-time practitioner of it? It doesn’t really matter if you just want to begin your journey in this thousand years old practice or you are already a veteran. Yoga has originated originally in India thousand years ago and it was related to religion and spiritual practice. Today’s yoga has become a popular practice that gives a lot of physical advantages but not so much for the spiritual benefits. Almost everyone can take a yoga class at a yoga studio, your local gym, or even practicing it from the privacy of your own home with a personal instructor or even a self-learn guides or videos that are available on the internet now.

Yoga is more like a trend now a lot of people are practicing it to bring them some balance between their busy life and the lack of physical movement and today more than ever with the advanced technologies and the type of works that we do mostly while sitting at a desk looking to a screen the yoga is needed in our life.

Yoga Benefits are a lot for the human body, it might not cure everything but surely it will help to re-balance our body’s scale and it has proven to increase health and body awareness allowing yoga practitioners to better control their bodies and minds. Also increasing the flexibility for a better body alignment and also help to relax the muscle tension.

Yoga Pants

In the last few years yoga pants have also become a trend in the fashion industry, and a lot of debates were going on about when and where you should wear yoga pants and when it’s not appropriate to do so as some yoga pants tend to be see through and could give a wrong impression if worn in some places.

Why Everyone Loves Yoga Pants?

From women’s point of view, yoga pants are a flexible, form-fitting type of pants that are designed to be comfy and they could be worn as regular pants (in some cases) or to be included in other ladies fashion clothing and outfits besides the fact about the buzz in the social media recently about yoga pants with a lot of nice catchy designs and a lot of celebrities wearing them with casual clothes.

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See Through Yoga Pants

See Through Yoga Pants

Men’s point of view might be a little different, if we are talking about the women’s yoga pants, men love those because of the sheer nature of them and the fact that they take the exact form of the lower body of the woman wearing them and the fact that they are so thin and stick to the skin as if it’s just another colored layer of skin (Men will always be men).

However, also men use yoga pants as casual clothes and usually they are the wide type rather than the form-fitting flexible one that the women usually prefer.

Yoga pants have many shapes and designs and are made to suit anybody’s taste and a lot of the big brands are making a product line of yoga pants which are mostly for the practice of yoga and other physical/sport activities that usually involves a lot of stretching, bending and a lot of movement. They are generally made from a blend of texture, cotton, lycra spandex, nylon, polyester, wool or similar stretchy materials which give the pants the soft, smooth, polished and silky finish. But on the other side some of those big companies have priced their yoga pants very expensive with out any explanation as they are selling the brand rather than the pants as a material.

Make sure you pay the right amount for the type of pants you are buying as a lot of brands are pricing their yoga for $60 – $120 !


How to choose yoga pants?

Finding your fit is the most important priority that you need to look at when buying a yoga pants. If they are too loose will have you stepping on excess fabric and may cause you to overheat, especially in hot yoga classes. Clothes that are too tight will hinder your movement and make some poses impossible. The following are some tips for finding the perfect balance.

  • Comfortable fit is important Some types of fit include loose, harem, leggings, capri, and drawstring. You may choose whatever your personal preference is.
  • Waist can come with low-rise, mid-waist, or high-waist as options. Mid and High will compliment curves and will give a flatter look. A low-rise fit has a waistband that’s up to two inches below the navel and is sometimes preferred by petite body types. And all three comes in different shapes and styles that are fashionable and looks good even for casual.
  • Pant length the original yoga pants length is the full length pants, make sure the fabric doesn’t bunch up on the ground as you might be stepping on it.  
  • What to avoid when getting yoga pants? Zippers ! never get any yoga pants that have any excess or any type of accessory, they are supposed to be comfortable and has nothing on them.

One more thing you might consider to complete your yoga gear is the Yoga matt. This is more like an easy option to choose as almost all of them are similar, material and quality wise and other than choosing the thickness that you are comfortable with and a nice color or a print .. all you need to choose is something that suits your personality. Most of them come with a small bag or straps to hold them.

Here are some cheap options with good quality that we recommend which you may consider to start your yoga journey.

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Hopefully we’ve given you a nice (relatively short) overview about Yoga and the magical yoga pants.

Enjoy !

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  1. I’ve bought one of the listed yoga pants on your article and that was a great choice and it was pretty much cheap as mentioned. they are so expensive at Nike and other sport brands

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