15 Nov

Lunges Exercise

Lunges exercise made by Eleonora Dobrinina.

Lunges are great for toning your thighs and legs and it helps to lift your butt up and give it the firm shape that everyone likes.

Even for guys, it’s great for the thighs and strong leg muscles.

This lunges exercise is done bye Eleonora as this is one of her favorite legs workout.

Check Eleonora’s Bio Here.


10 thoughts on “Lunges Exercise

  1. Thank you for the nice workout! the model really looks great and hot !
    can you post more legs and abs workouts and some diet and nutrition tips because I was trying to lose weight for a while and working my legs out for a while.

    Thanks, Robert

  2. Nice post. I study something more challenging on totally different blogs everyday and I really like your fitness blog … a lot of motivation fitness and weight loss posts and pictures.
    I really enjoy doing this lunges workout it’s really good for the buttocks muscles and to shape up the legs.

  3. lunches exercises is great for working out the butt and thigh muscles … it helps to tone my thighs and get them toned and thin … also doing squat exercise with the lunges gives double the results to lose weight and fat.

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