17 Jan

Leg Raise Exercises – Lower Abs

Leg Raise exercise, is a great workout to lose fat from your lower abs, lose weight and get a Flat Stomach Fast. Also it is great for the Front thighs muscles, it will help in tone up your thighs & your butt.

Here is how to do this lower abs flat stomach exercise:

1. First, Lie flat on your back on the floor or exercise mat.

2. Place both your hands just past or underneath your bum.

3. Keeping your legs together bend your knees very slightly keeping your feet off the floor.

Flat Abs, Lower Abs, Legs exercise, Butt exercise

Legs Raise Workouts for Flat Stomach

4. Use your abdominal muscles to slowly raise your feet upward in an arc until they are above your hips.

5. Slowly turn them to the starting position just above the floor.

6. Repeat these movements until you have completed the required number of repetitions.

7. If you find this to hard just bring your knees up to your chest and then put feet back to original position, instead of raising the whole leg to a vertical position.

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Have an amazing Workout !

7 thoughts on “Leg Raise Exercises – Lower Abs

  1. Great exercise ! it’s really amazing for training my lower abs I can feel this workout in my stomach and my abs … I hope I will get results because I need to lose weight and get fit fast … I want to get a flat stomach tummy.

  2. learn how to get,flat abs for life
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    is perceived.
    While not at all healthy, it is considered fine
    that a man have a beer gut, but those same rules
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  3. It’s kind of hard to figure out what information is correct on the internet. I thought ab workouts such as leg raises could not burn stomach fat, only build muscles.

    Please get back at me!

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