08 Jan

Hot Guy Treadmill Motivation

A nice fitness and treadmill fitness motivation to run an extra mile or maybe doing another workout at the gym !
What do you think ladies !? have you ever been there in the gym next to a hot guy and were thinking the same ?
Also this Motivation apply for men who find a hot girl doing her exercises in the gym and just try to impress her with what they can do.

Treadmill, workout motivation, Gym

Treadmill hot guy workout motivation funny

Careful not to hurt yourself though while working out …

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8 thoughts on “Hot Guy Treadmill Motivation

  1. true and funny fitness motivation when I visit the gym … I love going on treadmill and do other workouts when there are some hot guys training against me lol

  2. Funny fitness motivation .. keep the fitness and weight loss motivation good like this .. ! you guys are one of the nicest and best fitness websites ever.

  3. Nice Hot Guy Workout motivation … haha I love it when a nice hot guy is working out infront of me in the gym … I am in a good shape (almost) and it kinda make me more confident when I’m working out and I see a hot guy exercising infront of me because I feel like I am fit and in shape to be able to talk to him and have a conversation.

  4. Personally I would like to thank the guy who was next to me today at the gym on the treadmill because he did do a good job in keeping me on it for an extra 10 minutes …
    it’s really funny to know that there’s such online funny fitness motivation stuff that applies to you !
    keep working out hot guys … we love it when you are around with your 6 pack abs :p

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