12 Mar

Healthy Food – Egg Nutrition Facts

Eggs are considered a healthy and balanced meal …

Have you ever wondered why bodybuilders and fitness models include only egg whites in their meals ? is eating egg good for you and your health !? is it nutritious enough for you !? does it have Vitamins or Proteins !?

Below are the amazing nutrition facts about eggs:

1. Eggs are considered to be healthy and balanced food for all age groups

2. Most of an egg’s vitamins are in the yolk (yellow).

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Healthy food to Lose weight – Diet

3. Most of an egg’s proteins and minerals are in albumen (egg white).

4. The only difference in white and brown eggs is the color of shel. Nutritionally both are same.

5. First eggs layed by young hens often have double yolks. Some older hens lay jumbo size eggs which sometimes have double yolks.

6. The best sign of freshness of an egg is that when broken into a pan it would stay firm and would not spread out fast like water.

7. To boil eggs choose 3 to 4 days old Medium or Large size eggs. They are easier to peel and are less likely to crack while boiling.

8. Egg shells are porous hence they should not be stored with products like garlic, apples, etc., which have strong odor.

9. It is always advisable to eat thoroughly cooked eggs.

Balancing your food is a key tip for a healthy body and also help you to keep your weight off … also eggs are good if you are going on a diet as it has a lot of proteins and vitamins and minerals that are mandatory for your body.

Eat healthy and always keep doing your workouts and exercises … visit the workouts page here

6 thoughts on “Healthy Food – Egg Nutrition Facts

  1. Hi, yup this article is really good regarding the nutrition facts and some healthy tips.I should be doing some extra exercises to lose some of the fat on my tummy … I need more fitness and exercise motivation.

  2. I need to know how to lose weight by eating healthy food and being on a diet .. post more healthy food articles and more diet tips to lose weight fast !
    I think I should also accompany with with some exercises to get a flat stomach .. :/

  3. Really interesting nutrition fact about eggs and proteins … the egg whites and why fitness models and bodybuilders eat only the whites I know it has something with it.
    Healthy food and diet food is very important with exercises to lose weight and get in shape.

  4. I’ve heard that jumbo eggs has high protein percentage and they are very healthy and good for exercising and the people who wants to lose weight because the protein is good for the muscles and doesn’t turn into fat easily …. it is good to build more muscles and lose weight and have a flat stomach !

  5. Good to know what does eggs has as a nutrition value and yes I’ve always wondered why fitness trainers and bodybuilder only eat the whites … I think I should be taking more care about the food I’m eating and follow some kind of a diet to lose some weight

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