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Motivation Quotes to keep you motivated and determined to lose weight and achieve your fitness goals.

Weight Loss Motivation – Bitching (Funny)

Although staying motivated to achieve your weight loss or fitness goals can be tricky sometime and a bit hard to keep going all the time…

But it is very simple how to stay inspired and motivated to keep working on your exercises and workouts … The Motivation Starts From You … Just Never Ever Give Up …

Fitness Motivation
Weight Loss Motivation: Never Ever Give Up

Now for the other part which you are waiting for this post which is the Bitching part !

well, unfortunately that doesn’t burn calories as you hoped πŸ˜‰

How to burn calories
burn calories: funny fitness Motivation

Keep the smile on your face, this does burn calories for real πŸ˜‰ ….

Check the exercises category and pick the exercises that meets your needs, or check the motivation category for some funny, and serious Weight loss, diet, and fitness Motivations.


Workout Motivation – Sore Muscles

It’s really tempting when you see other fit friends or people doing their exercises, having a run or walk, or working out at the gym … and once you go to the gym for the first time and try to cope with the other people who are lifting and doing a lot of workouts and exercises and even normal Cardio workouts you feel it’s a bit harder than you though !

Everyone of those people you see at the gym was exactly at your positions at that day … the difference that they kept going day after day … and you won’t be sore anymore (unless you keep pushing yourself more and more each time you go to the gym) ..

Achieving your fitness and weight loss goals is not an hard task … it just needs your dedication and a strong will .. we all have this but some of us decide to quit too early.

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Sore muscles fitness motivation workout

Stay motivated and you should keep in mind that you earn your fit and healthy body and all you need to do is to be determined and willing to be sore ! … getting a sore muscles is a sign for you that you are on the right track and you are getting closer to achieve your healthy, fitness goals!.

Have an amazing gym workouts and enjoy the journey of having a flat stomach and a 6 pack abs.

Fitness Change Motivation

Talking about Motivation in the new year ? well, if you really want to Change you have be willing to be uncomfortable and to go the extra mile in order to get your workouts done and to get fit and lose weight and achieve your goals.

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Motivation for Change and to be willing to be uncomfortable so you can change and get fit

Fitness Motivation Quotes from Flat Stomach Tips

Become What You Want Motivation

Do you want to become what you always dreamed of ? it is what you say and what you do that determines what you are and what exactly is going to shape your life or shape your future and the way you are going to be or the way you are going to look like.

It’s Very Simple ! just know exactly what you are going to put after the Most Powerful 2 Words .. I AM .. Because this is going to shape your life and your reality and even your body !

Stay motivated and become the person you want to be.

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Motivation to be who you Want to be and to put the right words.