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03 Feb

Fitness Model LORENA BUERI Motivation

Fitness Model, FBB, Female, Squats, Hot Body

Fitness can’t be faked ! work for your fit and hot body and you will get it.

Fitness Model, FBB, Female, Squats, Hot Body

Fitness Model LORENA BUERI

Be determined and motivated to your fitness and health goals and you will lose the weight you want it off and you will have the 6 pack abs that you would like to have and the nice butt and legs you want to get.

You Can Do It !

19 Jan

Fitness Model Mom Legs & Abs Workout

Fitness Model, Flat Abs, legs workout, squat, lose weight, Mom

How about being a mom and still doing amazing workouts for your legs and your abs not just to lose weight but also to build a strong core and be fit and also to have fun and being with a direct contact with your kid !

That also apply for fathers who would like to lose weight and have fun with their kids you can do squat exercise and leg switching workout and raising your legs for your stomach and lower abs muscles.

This workout is ideal with a sand bag … and PLEASE Don’t underestimate doing this with your kids because if you are not strong enough this might cause an injury for them.

Enjoy your workout ! and Have fun with your kids.


02 Jan

Gymnastic Grandmother – Motivation

An Amazing grandma is doing an amazing gymnastic movements. She’s 86 years old.

How about you ! are you strong or flexible enough to do the same gymnastic movements ? … Are you at least in a fit shape or conditions to do such movements  or at least do decent workouts session !

This Video is to motivate you to do more, to be willing to workout and get inspired by this amazing lady to do your workouts and your exercises to get the body you want and get fit and active in a way you can be in a good shape and physical condition for your kids and even for your grand children.

#Motivation #Inspiration #AntiAge