07 Dec

Best Exercises To Get a 6 Pack Abs Fast

Push ups is one of the most common and popular method of #exercising both for men and women. And believe it or not this work out actually exercises your #Abs muscles and and you will be feeling them when you start doing it, and with more practice it will be part of your fast 6 packs abs journey.

All you have to do is to put your hands on the ground shoulder-width apart and fingers forward.

Adjust the hands in such a way so that the body is in line head to toe.

Once you have the correct position, lower your body slowly so that your hips, chest, and chin are just off the ground.

Pause for 2 seconds, then again rise up and stop just before locking your arms.

This is not an easy exercise but once your muscles get used to it, you’ll love the way you feel it!

Start slowly if you are a beginner always do 3 sets (start with 5 – 12 per set)

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7 thoughts on “Best Exercises To Get a 6 Pack Abs Fast

  1. Thanks that’s a really nice workout I started to do it on my knees first them doing it in a full positions it really helps exercising my shoulders and arms … I can feel it in my Abs and stomach muscles but is it that good for 6 pack abs ? …
    Thanks .. will be waiting more workouts 🙂

  2. I really like the tips and the motivation quotes you have on this website for fitness and losing weight ! it is reallly motivating and encouraging .. hopefully we’ll see more workouts and exercises for a flat stomach and getting in shape fast and more fitness models :).

  3. what other exercises that are not directly targeting the stomach and the abs and at the same time can give us flat abs ?
    I know that the legs exercises also do almost the same thing in order to work and train the abs.

    Good luck ! Sami

  4. This is really interesting fitness website, You are a very skilled blogger.

    I’ve joined your feed and look forward to seeking more of your magnificent posts and flat stomach tips and the fitness and losing weight motivations and the funny motivations too.
    I have shared your site in my social networks!

  5. Therefore the idea of specifically burning off a certain spot of fat on your body is ridiculous. that’s why doing workouts of various body parts can make us lose weight and get in shape and eve train muscles that we don’t expect right ?

    This motion, then done in repetition is great for the abdominal muscle are?.

  6. Hi flatstomachtip.com admin,
    Thanks for your fitness and motivation website I really enjoy the workouts and the funny motivation quotes also the tummy exercises … but we need a bit more of that .. more flat stomach workouts and diets to lose weight ! ..

  7. Push ups and sit ups are amazing flat stomach exercises … they have helped me to lose weight and get a really nice and flat tummy fast.
    I was dieting and eating healthy food along with sit ups and push ups and other stomach exercises which made me get a flat stomach and almost a 6 pack abs fast in a short time.

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